Training and Certification
There is no college degree for what I do. My craft and trade is a unique art form and a very specialized career. The best way to learn is from Master to Student as an Apprentice. Sadly, many people jump into the wedding industry with little or no training whatsoever.
The energy that an MC/ DJ brings to your event will make a huge impact. A big part of my weekly routine is spent exercising, hiking and listening to personal development programs, uplifting music and eating healthy. My obligation to you as my Client is to bring my best energy and talent to your wedding.
Here is a quick snapshot of my qualifications...
6 years apprentice in Wedding Design, Disc Jockey and Master of Ceremonies.
I have attended 27 local and national Wedding professional Workshops receiving in-depth training.
Comprehensive understanding of Audio/ Visual equipment and technology. Including Video Projection, Audio Engineering, and Sound Reinforcement.
Studied Communications, Public Speaking, N.L.P. and took specialized voice lessons.
I network with 12 of the best Wedding DJs/ MCs in Northern California. We constantly share the latest techniques and trends.
Training in specialized Music Programming Software.
Formally trained in proper Wedding Etiquette.
Schooled by over 1,600 Brides, Mothers and critiqued by dozens of Wedding Planners, Guests, and Videographers.
I am consistently staying up to date with the Wedding Industry, the latest in technology and on top of my craft.
I have written several audio programs offering valuable tools for Brides & Grooms.
I never stop sharpening my skills. I feel that I owe this to myself, my profession and my Clients.